Pros and Cons of Late Bandar QQ Poker Online

Online poker has become a whole market now and people are becoming more and more aware of it day by day which is why the number of players is also increasing. Poker is a huge addiction and so many users of poker show even a greater amount of addicted people that can do nothing all day but play poker and try to win money on it. Some people even ruin their lives in trying to win easy money. For people that like to play poker a lot, tournaments are hosted throughout the year by different websites for online poker and people take part in it very excitedly. But people Bandar QQ poker Online late so that they can soak up all the pro and cons of registering late for the online poker tournament.

Registering late for online poker tournament:

The tournaments are hosted several times over the years for people that are extremely addicted to poker. But some people decide to register late for the tournament and the pro and cons of doing that are as follows:




During the tournament, getting free time is very hard and registering late for the tournament helps in that because then, the players fly out late and they have late reservations which are a real blessing and they also manage to get free time during the day during which they can clear their mind and work on their techniques or just roam around wherever the tournament is taking place.

Mass Exodus:

By the time the player reaches the tournament, the useless players are already pout and only a game with a good bet needs to be won in order to go toward the live games.

A break time:

Registering late gives players the opportunity to catch a break in between very long sessions.


Lost wages:

The lost wage is the biggest con of registering late because the bad players that give easy money are already out of the game by the time the player reaches there.

Stack envy:

Coming late has a disadvantage and that is the lack of chips as compared to the players that arrived early. This can cause a bit of the problem for the player.


The other con is that the player has to play ten handed instead of nine which can be really annoying sometimes.